SITA 2022

Your Health and safety is and always will be our first concern


Things to consider for SITA 2022

There is a high probability we will all need to take a covid test 48 hours before we fly, and bring a certificate with a negative result to enter the country and to show to the flight carrier upon boarding This may well be the same for the return journey back into the UK.

You need to take out travel Insurance with covid that covers your for

1.      If you test positive for covid and need to self isolate for 14 days  (at the time of the holiday)
2.      If someone you have been in contact with tests positive and you need to self isolate.
We have looked at this insurance, which does cover this so you will need something like this.

Covid 19 Insurance Cover 
You will need to make sure your insurance does cover this , as there will be no refunds in the scenario you test positive as Insurance covers this.

If the event we were unable to take place because flights were again stopped, we would again ask the hotels to move our bookings over to 2023
You could then either move your booking over to SITA 2023 or money to Barbados 2022 or we would refund you if you prefer.

SITA 2022
This is the current situation on the website

We do not know what restrictions we will be working with in May 2022
It Is highly likely there will be some changes to the events that you are used to at SITA, as we will have to act within the Portuguese authorities guidelines at the time (we do not know what these will be yet) we will keep you updated on this as soon as we know. We are committed & determined to provide a group holiday and get our SITA Family back together again!


We will need to know by 15th January 2022 if you are not ready to travel & wish to move your booking
If you are already  feeling unsure about next year, and don’t feel you want to go If you tell us in writing before  15th January
We can  either
1       Move your booking to SITA 2023
2       Move it to Barbados October 2022

No refunds will be given in this Instance (only if we have to cancel the 2022 event) However we can move your booking to 2023 or Barbados 2022.

If you do wish to do this we will need to know before 15th January, so we can re-allocate your room for 2022